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What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

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Abbreviated PRP, platelet rich plasma therapy is blood that has been saturated with a high level of plasma. The concentrated source contains a higher number of growth factors and cytokines that promote the healing process of soft tissue and bone at a higher rate. Platelet rich plasma has 5 to 10 times the platelet concentrate of regular blood. When introduced to an injury site, PRP stimulates healing and decreases recovery time.

How is Healing Improved?

In order to understand the impact PRP has on healing the preparation must be discussed. There are different ways to prepare the concentration, as approved by the FDA. The processes involves collecting blood from the patient. The initial collection is of whole blood that is anti-coagulated.

Once the blood is collected the second stage of preparation is introduced. This stage is known as centrifugation. The process is set up to separate the concentration. Poor quality cells and good quality are separated.

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Centrifuge spins the blood to create PRP.

After the blood is prepared it is injected in the injured area of the soft tissue or bone. The preparation is routinely injected into the injured tendon or ligament. The rate of healing is increased. Also, arthritic joints such as the knee and hip are showing  excellent results with PRP treatment.

Is PRP Effective?

Research is ongoing in platelet plasma therapy. The treatment is highly received in sports as big name athletes receive PRP to assist with injuries that need to be healed in a short amount of time. These include the likes of Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Dwight Howard and Hines Ward. Favorable findings in animal models have excited researchers and doctors who believe that PRP is beneficial to patients with acute and chronic injury.

Some of the most promising results include studies that showed PRP treatment was highly effective in chronic tendon conditions. Achilles tendinosis, tennis elbow and other conditions revealed that the healing was initiated and the process sped up when injected with PRP concentration. Similar results were received in conditions such as rotator cuff tears and MCL injuries of the knee.

PRP South FloridaSince PRP is created from the patient’s own blood, the therapy is considered to be low risk and increase the potential to initiate and speed healing. Research is ongoing but initial trials aging back a decade or more are favorable for the effectiveness of the therapy.

If you are considering platelet rich plasma consult with your Florida pain management doctor today to find out more about the treatment and if you are a candidate. Your PRP specialist can answer any questions you have about the process, recovery and effectiveness of the therapy. It is a low risk treatment that offers a potential for effective results.

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