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5 Reasons Urine Drug Testing Protects both Patient and Doctor

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The United States is currently experiencing drug abuse at levels never before seen. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) drug abuse has increased over 100% in the last half-decade. In particular, prescription drug abuse is on the rise, and so are overdose fatalities.

Having stated that, there are definite legitimate reasons to provide narcotics for chronic pain. In order to provide narcotics safely, most pain clinics are now utilizing urine drug testing to make for a safer pain management Orlandotreatment.

Below we discuss the top 5 reasons urine drug testing protects both the patient and the Florida pain doctor.

1. Drug testing provides documentation the patient is taking their prescribed medication as well as avoiding illicit drugs.

A drug test provides tangible proof that the patient is taking their medication. It is also a way for the pain doctor in Florida to discover if the patient is abusing illegal drugs such as heroin and methamphetamines. Increasingly there are a number of people obtaining prescriptions then selling them on the black market as a way to earn money.

2. Drug testing helps in the regulation of narcotic prescriptions.

More states are clamping down on narcotic prescriptions because of abuse. That means additional regulations are being implemented such as drug testing. A drug test will soon be the standard for receiving prescription narcotics.

3. Drug testing protects the provider from legal issues.In a litigious society, a drug test administered by a health care provider provides a paper trail protecting the care giver from potential lawsuits. For example, should a patient sell their prescription to someone who in turn injures someone while on the substance, the doctor may be held liable unless there is a trail of documentation protecting him or her.

4. Provides equality for all patients.

It is not necessarily fair for only young people between the ages of 15-24 to be drug tested. Testing patients of all ages makes it a fair playing field, and is safer for everyone. Prescription drug abuse is not just Tampa pain managementa young person problem. People of all ages are falling prey to drug abuse.

5. Provides a baseline for the patient’s narcotic usage.

A drug test establishes proper care for new or first time patients. It ensures the patient is accurately portraying the drug history they wrote down on the intake application.

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Premier Pain Management Clinic in Tampa – Genesis Medical Center

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Genesis Medical Center, a premier pain management clinic in Tampa, has joined the Florida Pain Network. The clinic offers the best pain management Tampa trusts, including medication management along with chiropractic, physical therapy and more. There is also an urgent care center on site to help those with emergent needs.

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Five Key Points on Facet Arthritis from Florida Pain Network

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Arthritis in the facet joints, which are spinal joints, is a major cause of back pain in the low back. Typically, surgery is not necessary for spinal arthritis, as conservative treatments tend to work exceptionally well.

Hear Dr. David Greene, CEO of the Florida Pain Network, discuss 5 key points on facet arthritis. This includes some key points on how it is best treated. The Florida Pain Network connects individuals in pain with pain management doctors in Florida. Visit the Pain Management page on the website to find the clinics closest to you, or simply call (877) 877-8556 for more information.

What is the Right Time to Say Yes to Surgery for Sciatica?

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At any one point in time, 1% of the US population is suffering from sciatica due to a herniated disc causing a pinched nerve. Having sciatica does not necessarily mean that surgery is going to be necessary, although it may feel as if the pain is so bad one needs it.

What is the right time for surgery for sciatica?Pain Management Tampa
If a person has no problems with bowel or bladder function, and there are no motor deficits and weakness involved, then surgery for sciatica becomes simply a quality-of-life decision. This means that the patient will need to consider how bad the pain is and gauge that versus the relief being obtained from nonoperative treatments.

If the symptoms are simply pain down the leg along with some electrical sensation and pins and needles feeling, then considerable conservative treatment should be trie prior to opting for surgery. In textbooks, the usual advice is to attempt conservative treatment for 6 to 8 weeks prior to considering an operation.

If an individual is dealing with more severe issues, then surgery should be considered sooner. This will include one condition that is a surgical emergency called cauda equina syndrome. In this syndrome, the patient’s spinal cord is being compressed and it can lead to permanent bowel and bladder problems if not addressed right away. While rare, it is a surgical emergency.

Orlando pain clinics

Pinched nerve.

Another issue that is important but not an emergency is when an individual does have significant muscle weakness. This may include a foot drop which is difficulty lifting up one’s foot due to a pinched nerve. When this occurs consideration should be given to surgery. It can be watched for 6 to 12 weeks, but it is unclear after that whether or not it will ever improve even if a technically perfect surgery to un-pinche the nerve being compressed.

So with cauda equina syndrome, surgery is mandatory. With motor weakness, surgery should be considered and if the motor weakness is getting worse or not improving over time, then the nerves being pinched should be operated on.

And lastly, if an individual is simply having pain and numbness and is not getting better despite considerable conservative treatment over a 6 to 8 week period, then surgery can be considered as a quality-of-life decision. Studies have shown that while surgery can get patients back to work sooner and out of pain faster with surgery, the end result is the same at one year if surgery can be avoided. So that’s a consideration.Florida Pain Clinics

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Spinal Cord Stimulator for Failed Back Surgery

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Lumbar spine surgeries are more popular than ever before. Sometimes, back surgery results in a home run where 80 to 100% of an individual’s pain is eliminated. Unfortunately, that is the exception rather than the rule.Pain Clinics in Florida

Between 20 and 40% of low back surgeries are considered a failure by the patient. This definition will vary between patients, and here is why. If you talk to one individual who has 50% of his or her pain eliminated with back surgery, that may be considered a failure. Another individual with the same amount of pain  eliminated may consider it a failure.

When an individual has a failed back surgery syndrome, when does a spinal cord stimulator become the best option? After an initial back surgery that fails, it is important to evaluate to see whether or not a repeat surgery is indicated. This may be the case if the fusion did not take, or adjacent levels to the surgery have degenerated substantially, causing new pain years after the initial procedure.

If neither of those is the case, and the surgery essentially just did not work, consideration should be given to a spinal cord stimulator. The SCS procedure is indicated as a last resort option for those patients who have failed back surgery and have no real indication for another surgery. Anytime a repeat back surgery is performed, the overall results are much less satisfying than the initial procedure. Especially if the reason for the revision surgery is not clear cut.

If the person has a choice of living on narcotics and other painkillers for the rest of his or her lifetime, or having spinal cord stimulator which may be able to significantly reduce the necessary medications, then it is actually a very good idea.

The initial step is to undergo what is called a spinal cord stimulator trial implant. As an outpatient procedure, a Florida pain management doctor will insert a Pain Management Doctors in Floridacatheter lead into the spinal canal. This is done while the patient is awake but sedated, so he or she can describe whether the pain is relieved when the catheter lead is turned on. The lead is left in place for 5 to 7 days, and removed in an office setting. If the trial relieved over 50% of an individuals back and leg pain, the final implant should be considered.

Your insurance company may require a psychological evaluation prior to approval.

The results of spinal cord stimulator implants have been very good considering it is a last resort option. Overall, over 60% of those with low back pain experienced dramatic pain relief. For those with a lot of leg pain due to nerve root scarring, the satisfactory results have been over 80%.Pain Management Doctors in Florida

The newest spinal cord stimulator implants are lightweight, rechargeable with a belt placed outside the skin every few days, and have much more programming options. Some of the latest ones actually have a detection system to maintain pain relief even while the individual is moving from a sitting to standing position or laying down. That was one of the inadequacies in previous models.

For an individual with failed back surgery syndrome, a spinal cord stimulator may make the difference between a life with disability, or a productive existence being able to work, socialize and play with once kids. If you are experiencing chronic back pain and have failed surgery, let the Florida Pain Network help you. The Network connects those in pain with pain management doctors in Florida, including pain management Port St Lucie, pain management West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and many more.

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