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5 Reasons Urine Drug Testing Protects both Patient and Doctor

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The United States is currently experiencing drug abuse at levels never before seen. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) drug abuse has increased over 100% in the last half-decade. In particular, prescription drug abuse is on the rise, and so are overdose fatalities.

Having stated that, there are definite legitimate reasons to provide narcotics for chronic pain. In order to provide narcotics safely, most pain clinics are now utilizing urine drug testing to make for a safer pain management Orlandotreatment.

Below we discuss the top 5 reasons urine drug testing protects both the patient and the Florida pain doctor.

1. Drug testing provides documentation the patient is taking their prescribed medication as well as avoiding illicit drugs.

A drug test provides tangible proof that the patient is taking their medication. It is also a way for the pain doctor in Florida to discover if the patient is abusing illegal drugs such as heroin and methamphetamines. Increasingly there are a number of people obtaining prescriptions then selling them on the black market as a way to earn money.

2. Drug testing helps in the regulation of narcotic prescriptions.

More states are clamping down on narcotic prescriptions because of abuse. That means additional regulations are being implemented such as drug testing. A drug test will soon be the standard for receiving prescription narcotics.

3. Drug testing protects the provider from legal issues.In a litigious society, a drug test administered by a health care provider provides a paper trail protecting the care giver from potential lawsuits. For example, should a patient sell their prescription to someone who in turn injures someone while on the substance, the doctor may be held liable unless there is a trail of documentation protecting him or her.

4. Provides equality for all patients.

It is not necessarily fair for only young people between the ages of 15-24 to be drug tested. Testing patients of all ages makes it a fair playing field, and is safer for everyone. Prescription drug abuse is not just Tampa pain managementa young person problem. People of all ages are falling prey to drug abuse.

5. Provides a baseline for the patient’s narcotic usage.

A drug test establishes proper care for new or first time patients. It ensures the patient is accurately portraying the drug history they wrote down on the intake application.

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Five Key Points on Facet Arthritis from Florida Pain Network

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Arthritis in the facet joints, which are spinal joints, is a major cause of back pain in the low back. Typically, surgery is not necessary for spinal arthritis, as conservative treatments tend to work exceptionally well.

Hear Dr. David Greene, CEO of the Florida Pain Network, discuss 5 key points on facet arthritis. This includes some key points on how it is best treated. The Florida Pain Network connects individuals in pain with pain management doctors in Florida. Visit the Pain Management page on the website to find the clinics closest to you, or simply call (877) 877-8556 for more information.

Is Sedation Necessary for Epidural Steroid Injections?

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Each year in America, epidural steroid injections are one of the most common pain management procedures performed. These procedures help patients avoid surgery for sciatica along with being able to work, function and avoid the need for hefty doses opiate medications.Pain Clinic Orlando

Typically, epidural steroid injections are performed as an outpatient procedure in either a Florida pain clinics procedure room or an outpatient surgery center. Is sedation necessary for these injections?

A new study out the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota evaluated this question by looking back at thousands of epidural injections performed in their surgery center. The type of injections performed was a transforaminal epidural injection. 99.9% of the patients did not receive sedation for the procedures, rather, they simply received numbing medicine in the skin and soft tissues down to the injection area.

The overall success rate for these procedures was exceptionally high in line with averages across most studies. In addition, over half of the patients reported that they would recommend the procedure to a friend in a similar situation.

Pain Clinics in OrlandoSuccess without sedation in this study is great, however, it does not mean that there are not indications for sedation. For those individuals who have significant claustrophobia or anxiety, sedation may help relax the patient, especially in a time of significant pain. Also, if that individual has had pain management procedures before which were successful using sedation, then it may be the best idea to replicate the same environment.

Lastly, there are two different kinds of sedation. One involves IV sedation with the patient gets medication through a vein which is typically immediate onset and short lasting. The other option is for oral sedation, which involves the patient simply taking a Valium or other medication by mouth half an Pain Doctors Fort Myershour prior to the procedure. Both of these can be extremely effective, and for each one the patient will need a ride home after the procedure.

The bottom line here is that the vast majority of individuals undergoing an epidural steroid injection will not require sedation. However, there are indications for its usage. If you or a loved one is suffering from back pain or sciatica, let the Florida Pain Network help you.

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Fort Myers Pain Management Clinic Joins the Florida Pain Network

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Fort Myers pain management clinic, Primary, Mobility & Injury Specialists, has joined the Florida Pain Network. The clinic offers comprehensive pain management Fort Myers respects, including medical and interventional pain management. The pain management doctor at the clinic is Antonio Pizarro, MD.

Patients from all over southwest Florida come to Primary, Mobility & Injury Specialists from such areas as Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Naples and more. The clinic offers care for patients with primary, mobility and injury related medical needs along with the medical and interventional pain treatments.

The clinic’s doctors have over 150 years combined experience and maintain memberships in multiple organizations including  the American Academy of Pain Management Fort MyersPain Management, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, the Florida Medical Association and many more.

The care at the clinic is individualized to each patient after a thorough review of medical records and physical examination. Currently, the practice accepts Medicare, Medicaid and self pay.

For more information and scheduling, call (239) 288-0072.

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