The Basics of Florida Massage Therapy

Massage in America is currently very popular. Approximately thirty percent of the US  Massage Miamireceives a massage annually according to the American Massage Therapy Association. Of those individuals who receive a massage, over 30% report obtaining one for a health issue such as migraines, injury rehab, pain management, or overall general wellness. Over 80% are in agreement that massage may be very helpful for improving wellness and health.

For what health issues has massage therapy shown to provide pain relief? Here is a list of the medical problems that research studies have shown massage to be helpful:

• Knee arthritis
• Cancer related fatigue
• Reducing pain in cancer patients
• Relieving alcohol withdrawal symptoms
• Decreasing post operative pain
• Decreasing carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms
• Low Back Pain
• Decreasing blood pressure
• Increasing the human body’s immune system
• Decreasing frequency of headaches

Massage TampaSignificant research has shown that massage therapy is extremely helpful for acute and chronic low back pain. In numerous studies, outcomes have shown effectiveness for upwards of a year. Massage has shown superiority to education, acupuncture, and relaxation, with the same results as exercise and bracing.
Interestingly, massage has actually shown less effectiveness than TENS units or chiropractic adjustments.

The research regarding neck pain is not as definitive for massage therapy. massage JacksonvilleWhat this means is that massage therapy along with treatment from a chiropractor the best option for effective pain management.

The Florida Pain Network offers listings for chiropractic and acupuncture providers around Florida for receiving the most helpful massage treatment.

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